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Green Ingredient List

All Ingredients listed below are EPA Approved for Safer Green Chemistry and are listed on the Green Ingredient list. This list contains all ingredients used in all our Berkleygreen Products as well as our Private Label partners.

Alkyl PolyglycosideNatural plant based cleaning agent made from corn sugars and coconut oils.This plant-based cleaning agent is great at dissolving and removing dirt, oil and grease. They are derived from sugars and fatty alcohols; therefore, they are generally favored for their manufacture from renewable resources.
Alcohol EthoxylateNatural cleaning surfactant plant bases, ethoxylates include both synthetic and naturally-derived linear primary alcohols.These products are suitable for a wide variety of applications,provide high performance in most detergent formulations,are physiologically mild to the skin,and are easy to color and perfume.These surfactants are nonionic surfactants and incorporate both ethylene oxide and propylene oxide to provide a balance of low foam and good detergencyAlcohol ethoxylates are not mutagenic, carcinogenic, skin sensitizers, nor cause reproductive or developmental effects.
Alpha-AmylaseNatural enzyme stain remover. Amylase is a generic term given to starch-degrading enzymes.These enzymes are used for a variety of purposes, for instance in cleaning products, in starch processing, in baking and in brewing. Amylases used in cleaning products assist soil removal by breaking down the starch components in the soils.
Boric AcidMineral derived enzyme stabilizer, cleaning salt.This natural occurring mineral compound works with natural enzymes that break down protein based stains, like grass, chocolate and blood. Here are some common examples: Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics: boric acid is a mild antiseptic as well as a mild acid that inhibits the growth of microorganisms on the external surfaces of the body. It is commonly used in contact lens solutions, eye disinfectants, baby powder, anti-aging preparations and similar external applications.
Calcium ChlorideA mineral used to stabilize enzymes.It is a white deliquescent salt occurring naturally in seawater and used as a drying agent.
Citric AcidPlant based cleaning agent and complexing agent.This corn based ingredient reduces the minerals in your water to assist the natural cleaning agents effectiveness. The ability of citric acid to bond with other minerals can make it helpful in softening water. Soaps and laundry detergents can be more effective when they contain citric acid.
Coca BetainePlant based cleaning agent from coconut oil.Works as a surfactant, foaming agent, viscosity increasing agent, emulsifer and conditioner. As a surfactant, it’s mostly used in bath products because it gently cleanses by helping water to mix with dirt and oil so that they can be rinsed off. On top of that, it’s pH range contributes a germicidal effect, which also makes it an effective, yet mild cleansing agent.
DiethylenetramineOrganic compound.Used in fabric softeners.
Glycol Ether PnbAlcohol made from corn sugars.Allows products to dry quickly avoiding streaking.
Ethyl Alcohol SDA 3CCleaning agent made from fermented corn sugars.Allows the chemicals to dry quickly to avoid streaking.
Ethanol-AlcoholCleaning agent made from fermented corn sugars.Allows the chemicals to dry quickly to avoid streaking.
Lauramine OxidePlant based cleaning agent derived from coconut oil.Lauramine Oxide can have high solubility in some solutions and low in others; it creates positive charges and negative charges in different atoms. It carries anionic or cationic properties depending on the pH value. Therefore, although Lauramine Oxide is seen most frequently as a foam builder in beauty products, it can also be used as an emulsifier, surfactant, anti-static, and viscosity controlling agent.
MannasePlant derived enzyme soil remover.Targeted to remove tough guar gums from fabrics.
NaOHMineral derived Ph adjuster.Increases the Ph levels in our products to improve cleaning performance.
Organic SaltAnti-spotting agent + accelerator derived from natural sources. Stain remover.
OrdenoneWater-based compound.Entraps foul-smelling molecules, eliminating odors. It is frequently used in shampoo.
Oleic AcidPlant based cleaning agent.Keeps the foaming under control. This is the ingredient that makes (HE) high-efficiency washing machines possible.
PreservativeLike anything, natural cleaning products need a small amount of preservative to keep our products safe and effective.
Potassium HydroxideAbundant natural mineral source.Boost alkalinity. Dissolves stains.
PropanediolNatural corn base builder, a renewably based corn gylcol.Works to dissolve stains.
ProteasePlant derived enzyme soil remover. Any enzymes, including the endopeptidases and exopeptidases, that catalyze the hydrolytic breakdown of proteins into peptides or amino acids.Enzyme stain remover works to lift stains from fabrics.
Quaternary SaltTable Salt.Used as a thickener.
SESPlant derived cleaning agent.Works to dissolve and remove dirt, oil and grease.
Sodium ChlorideNatural mineral used in cleaning, to put it simply its your table salt.It prevents your cleaning ingredients from breaking down. It is also what helps thicken your dish soap.
Sodium CarbonateMineral alkalinity builder or good old fashion washing soda.It helps to soften hard water to enable the cleaning ingredients to perform better.
Sodium GluconateCorn based ingredient.Plant based ingredients can degrade over time. This corn based ingredient is used to balance PH levels and preserve our cleaning agents longer.
Sodium HydroxideMineral based ingredient.Increases the pH levels in our products to improve cleaning performance.
SoyaSoy-bean plant based softener.Used to help soften water naturally.